Our Story

When we breathe, move, and hold space together,
our collective resilience emerges . . .

Trauma is a shared human experience. And yet, our ability to navigate and recover is influenced by our access to community and safe spaces. Too often those most in need of mental health support have the least access. This is our purpose at HaRT—to support women and girls who have survived violence to experience healing in community.
We began in Kampala, Uganda in 2016 with the intention of creating an accessible program grounded in the latest neuroscience on mind-body interventions for trauma recovery. Starting with one group of 10 women, we practiced, listened and learned. Each new group brought new experiences. Eight years later we have integrated countless rounds of feedback to hone our curriculum. Over 300 survivors and activists in Uganda and the Philippines have joined Move with HaRT, and their stories demonstrate the meaningful ways this work can change lives.

Our Values

We are intentional about our values and aspire to bring each one to life in our approach to programming, partnerships, and day-to-day culture. 

Radical Acceptance

A fundamental belief that we are all whole and complete, precisely as we are. No one is ever ‘broken’ and we all deserve to feel safe throughout life’s inevitable ups and downs.

Supportive Relationships

Commit to respectful and compassionate interactions, because women and girls flourish when we experience solidarity and mutual support.

Authentic Expression

Cultivate safe and non-judgmental spaces that welcome honest communications, where we aspire to be our true selves and all emotions are welcome.


Nurture personal and collective power, especially each and every small act of courage in the healing journey. Strive to make power and privilege visible, so imbalances can be addressed.

Our Team

Board of Directors

Jean Kemitare

Jean is a feminist activist and brilliant strategist. She helped create the GBV Prevention Network and has authored a range of methodologies to strengthen individual and organizational capacity to address violence against women. She is currently the Programmes Director at Urgent Action Fund, Africa.

Laura Cordisco Tsai

Laura is a researcher and social worker with 15+ years of experience working with survivors of human trafficking. Her work broadly targets the development of more empowering and effective services for survivors. She holds appointments at Harvard University Carr Center for Human Rights Policy and Eleison Foundation. She is also a trauma-informed yoga teacher.

Stephanie Spaid Miedema

Stephanie has 10+ years of experience conducting research on IPV, child maltreatment and sexual violence across the Asia-Pacific region. Her research focuses on the determinants of abuse and discrimination faced by women and gender and sexual minorities. She is also a certified yoga instructor leading trauma-informed sessions with homeless youth and female veterans who have experienced military sexual trauma.