Mar 8, 2024

Embody Our Activism

On this International Women’s Day, we celebrate the closure of HaRT’s ‘Embody Our Activism’ workshop. Co-hosted with our partners at MEMPROW, we spent the past two days with 30 activists in Kampala, Uganda exploring a key idea: How can we embody our activism? Through creative activities (including movement, song, poetry and art) we identified several systemic barriers to being fully present in our bodies and worked to ‘un-learn’ these limiting beliefs and harmful expectations. With a clean slate, we called on our imaginations to create a vision for a more fully embodied reality. Then we turned our attention to the practical, developing a ‘Call to Action’ to promote collective wellness (mind, body and spirit) as a foundation for the vibrancy of our social justice movement. The experience was moving and powerful, and we will be building on these discussions to create an illustrated ‘Embody our Activism’ booklet. Please stay tuned!