Mar 22, 2024

Launching SHiNE Wave 2

Sharing HaRT in New Expanses (SHiNE) is a randomized-controlled trial to rigorously evaluate Move with HaRT’s impact on mental health and wellbeing outcomes for survivors of human trafficking. Last year we completed Wave 1, successfully enrolling 75 women and girls into the initiative. This week marks an exciting start to Wave 2–with five SHiNE partners combining forces to mobilize the research and programming. We expect to have over 150 participants from both shelter and community-based setting.  As always, we are deeply grateful to the women and girls who opted-in and are inspired by their courage in joining us on this journey.

“I have a lot of anger. Merely looking at the person who made me angry sparks it.  No one before these Move with HaRT sessions had ever seen me laugh or smile. My family knows that I never laugh. But now, I am able to smile and laugh. My friends in SHiNE see my smile more often.”  ~ SHiNE Wave 1 participant