We collaborate with values-aligned organizations to bring Move with HaRT to diverse communities.

Sharing HaRT in New Expanses

Our Latest Partnership

SHiNE is a two year initiative to evaluate ‘Move with HaRT’ with women and girls who have experienced human trafficking. Using a randomized controlled trial, we will study whether Move with HaRT improves mental health and overall well-being for survivors. SHiNE is a multi-partner collaboration with the University of Alabama, Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) Uganda, a Survivor Advisory Group and seven program partners: Dwelling Place, EverFree, Hope for Justice, Rahab Uganda, Set Her Free, the Remnant Generation and UYDEL.

Current Partnerships

Eleison is a nonprofit that collaborates with survivors, researchers, and communities to strengthen programs combating human trafficking and gender-based violence. We collaborated on a cultural and contextual adaptation of Move with HaRT for survivors in the Philippines—our first partnership outside Uganda! Eleison has integrated “HaRT Cebu” into their mental health programming and continues to implement the program with survivors in Cebu.

EverFree (formerly Willow international) is an anti-trafficking organization committed to service provision and advocacy work. We first implemented Move with HaRT at their Uganda shelters in 2016, and we have continued a fruitful partnership since that time. Learning alongside the women and girls supported by EverFree has been pivotal in revising and enhancing the Move with HaRT curriculum, and we are appreciative that EverFree is also a core partner for SHiNE.

IPA is a global research and policy nonprofit committed to reducing global poverty with evidence. Their Uganda team is coordinating the overall research for SHiNE, strengthening the work with their deep expertise in rigorous impact evaluation and policy engagement.

MEMPROW is a feminist organization that brings together girls and young women from across the African region, building essential skills and knowledge they need to become successful, confident and self-reliant individuals. We are partnering to integrate Move with HaRT as a collective care component of their leadership training for young activists.

Komo facilitates radical changes in health and education systems. After facilitating Move with HaRT with their own staff, Komo decided to incorporate the approach into Ugandan secondary schools through their ‘Do it Yourself’ clubs. We are supporting the ongoing training and mentorship of Komo team members to become HaRT facilitators.

Nama Wellness has a four pillar strategy to strengthen community health in Mukono District (Uganda). We implemented Move with HaRT with their frontline staff, who are subsequently taking the program into a community setting with women and girls experiencing depression and other mental health challenges

Karuna designs unique yoga teacher training and retreat experiences focused on compassion and community building. HaRT is included as a case study in their module on trauma sensitive and inclusive practice.


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