May 28, 2024

Reconvening the SHiNE Survivor Advisory Group

Today we reconvened our SHiNE Survivor Advisory Group (SAG) in an interactive workshop. We had a packed agenda, included sharing how SAG feedback has been integrated so far, discussing recent research and program updates, and asking for ideas on how best to engage women and girls in the community setting. In particular, members provided helpful ideas around how to allocate roles across the SHiNE participants to co-create the experience and boost responsibility–for example, identifying a ‘lead’ participant to mobilize groups to walk together for each session. We also facilitated a Move with HaRT session on ‘savouring sweetness,’ which invited us to reflect on how to bring more ease and joy into our lives. Overall it was a fruitful convening, as nicely summed up by one of our members:

“I have enjoyed the session, it has been interactive and engaging. The discussions have been great, they have provided a platform for us to contribute positively in the lives of survivors. Anything that provides me with an opportunity to support fellow survivors of trafficking is always appreciated.” ~SHiNE SAG member